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  • Quality Education for a Lifetime of Learning

    Quality Education for a Lifetime of Learning

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District Welcome

Welcome from Gary Zittergruen, Superintendent:

The Benton Community School District provides outstanding opportunities for its 1460 students. From a caring, committed professional staff of teachers and administrators to excellent and safe learning facilities, from the fine arts to athletics, Benton Community provides an environment where children feel they belong.

The great success of our students is directly related to the quality of the teachers and support staff at Benton. Our employees take pride in their commitment to quality education. They just don't teach, but they are actively involved in the development of each student. They are also involved in developing their own professional skills.

Also important to student success is the dedication and commitment of the Board of Education, parents, patrons, and every individual who plays an integral role in the growth and development of the school community's young people. Their contributions ensure that Benton Community is a place to grow and learn. The goal of the school district is to make sure students are college and career ready as they graduate and shape them in their important role as outstanding citizens.

The most important factor that helps make Benton Community successful is the expectation that students do their best and that the school community does its best to help them. That cooperation creates an environment where everyone can succeed because of common aspirations and goals. Benton Community believes and practices its mission – to provide a "quality education for a lifetime of learning". The core values of educational excellence, a caring environment, continuous growth, and team work provide the framework and support for our important work.

Benton Community is a place to enjoy! It's a place that lets you get involved in things that really matter – the education of our children, the development of the community, and the quality of life. Perhaps the best way to find out about Benton Community is to talk to the people who live here. The reasons that brought them here and the reasons they stay show why Benton Community is a "place to belong".

District Contact

Phone: 319-228-8701
Fax: 319-228-8254